The Timing Of Your Trade Is Important

Busy Trading TimesExperienced traders only trade when markets open and close; thus exploiting volatility when at its highest and best price can be had.  Looking intraday the inexperienced trader can be shook out by a price swing and exit a trade prematurely when the cause is merely the overlap of another  [foreign] market opening or closing.  After the dip, they see their stock continue to climb and they’re sitting on the sidelines annoyed.  If this has ever happened to you, CLICK HERE to bring up this handy Forex market timer.  Enter your geographic location in the drop down to determine when markets overlap one another in your area.  Now compare those times to your charts.  Notice how price swings tend to coincide?  See the larger picture?  Good.  Now the next time you’re tempted to hit the sell button, think of the market overlap, keep your emotions in check and make a rational decision.  Good luck 😉

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