Worden updates 10If you’ve never tried before, NOW might be the time to start – espepcially if you’re a TD Ameritrade customer.  

  • Faster.  Lighter weight.  Less CPU usage. 
  • Broker integration.  AMTD customers can now pull up their portfolio on the Worden site and yes, passwords are encrypted for your security.
  • Real time Forex tickers. 
  • Zoom in capabilities
  • More shortcuts such as <Ctrl 1-6> to change timeframes 1min, 2min, 15min etc. and more
  • Live, in person 2-1/2 hour Demos scheduled in states across the US and Canada b/w October and December.

And don’t worry; you can still post to Twitter via the site or grab a link to send to your friends.  Still the friendliest free stock charts site out there and take my word for it.  If there’s a study or option you’d like, email them.  Chances are it’ll appear before you know it 😉

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