Disappointed in Bradley?

If you were discouraged by Septembers Bradley Model date, don’t be.  As with any other indicator or study it can be inaccurate & flawed by market-moving news which no one [even with a crystal ball] can project.  We did experience a 25% market correction which began just one week later 9/23/09 and was abrupty brought to a halt when the Aussie Fed raised their rate so one could say Bradley did come through.  Maybe it just wasn’t the move you were hoping for.  That’s the problem with the model, however dates are estimated and the polarity or direction is unknown.    FWIW there’s are two more Bradley Model turning dates coming up 10/22 and 11/09 so watch the market direction and arm yourself accordingly.  It could occur before or after; it could be up or down.   *Chop* would seem inferred.  Best of luck-

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