Fridays Diary

roulette_by_Neo2114Day trading today b/c of two appointments.  The riskiest stuff out there but ah, I love the thrill of it.

  • Noted last night that PETS had quite a bit of Put volume today.  While I don’t do options, high options action will cause me to look at a chart that I normally don’t trade.  They release earnings on Monday and have been trading in a channel for the last 60 days.  Now I don’t see how Fido will have any great guidance with Dad laid off and all so I shorted it today at the top of the channel @ $20.25 and risked a quarter.  Bad Fido, bad dog. 
  • Shorted ES_F just at the bell last night $1092.25 with the intent on scaling into a short position – should’ve shorted more.  Covered at $1080.25 
  • And in my pursuit to go to Hell sooner than everyone else, I also shorted CAT @ $54.55.  Another in a trading range lately.  Small capital risk but with the market so stretched and uncertain, I think we’ll see stockholders take some profits ahead of their earnings next week on October 20th.
  • In my post of 10/13 I spoke of shorting PCLN with a $10 leash and today it finally broke down.  I am short @ 171.28  Will take some off at the 20d and move my stop.
  • Sold my KG with enough for lunch money.  Buyers dried up.  Will look at it again and re-evaluate once it’s down to 10.50
  • SOHU puked up again today but strangely, bounced off the 100d again.  Hmmmm  Always seems to have buyers there but downwards pressure remains. 
  • Speaking of next week, a full 1/4 of the S&P report next week.  Talk about impact.

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