Reassuring The Markets – Part 2

Two posts down I talked briefly about fears in the market anticipating the Feds exit from QE and possible Reverse Repos.  Here is a post from Acrossthecurve, a Bond trader in the pits for over 30 years talking about the delicate psyche in the market right now.  Something I believe any trader [unless you’re a 5+ year man] should heed.

BTW, [for kicks and giggles] I earlier bought 100 of AAPL @ $188.63 b/c not only did the market seemed poised for it, yearning for it to pop $200, but if it were going to truly sell off – it would have already.  Think of the resistance/suppport that’s been made over the last week.  OMG.  No matter, my daytrading seemed to be too Bearish so I felt I needed to offset it a little so why not AAPL?  Good old solid, dependable, reliable AAPL?  In any case, it popped tonight after earnings and stopped at $202.40 which is lovely………..but the entire time I’m screaming at myself…………*why isn’t anyone asking about Steve Jobs?*  I mean no one has seen or heard of him since the AAPL Event.  Is anyone fooling themselves to believe if Steve **isn’t** O.K. that AAPL will withstand it now?  Almost as if they’ve proven themselves in his absence?  I’m sorry folks [no disrespect] but in my mind, Steve Jobs has been and remains **AAPL**.  His absence gnaws at my insides and I have a difficult time staying long with this wonderful company with their lack of talking about him.  Call me an a**hole, call me paranoid; but if he’s fine – why does no one speak of it?   Shareholders *DO* have a right to know.

I sold 1/2 of my tiny holding on the pop tonight and I guaranty you I will sell the remaining morsel tomorrow.  I want Steve  and until I see and hear him,  AAPL will be a day trade for me henceforth 😦

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