Redemption Selling Redux

Titanic__In_MemoryClients have already begun to jump overboard from hedge fund Galleon Group after its co-founder, Raj Rajaratnam was arrested and charted with insider trading by the SEC last week.  Can’t say that I blame them but yes, there’s definitely numerous trades in this for us as they’re flooded with redemption requests from clients and will be forced to liquitdate their positions.  Now the firm has until end of year to actually liquidate positions as most redemptions are paid out quarterly [so next is January 1st] but they do have one Technology fund which allows monthly withdrawls so we could see some short term pressure in the techs.  Just something to watch.  Here are their top 50 holdings [hat tip to seekingalpha]  many of which you will see definite selling pressure in the weeks to come.  The question you’ll have to ask yourself is do you want to look for selling pressure and short the ride, or be patient, wait and watch to buy at hopefully lower levels.   Either way, Raj’s sinking ship can become a gold mine for us once the dust settles.    AAPL / ACL / AGN / AMZN / ANF / APC / BAC / BIIB / CSCO / CTSH / CTV / DELL / EBAY / EMC / ERTS / F / FCN / FFIV / FNF / FSLR / GLD / GOOG / GPS / HPQ / INTC / JPM / KLAC / LRCX / LXK / NSM / NTES / NVDA / NVLS / OSIP / PBG / PEP / QCOM / RIMM / RSH / SPY / STI / STX / TER / TYC / V / VRSN / WFR / WYE / YGE / YHOO

Full disclosure I am already short FSLR and OSIP

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