SOHU Earnings

SOHU post earningsEPS $0.96 vs. concensus of $0.89 with revenue of $136.6 vs. concensus of $136.36 [a beat on both].  Projected EPS of $0.90-.95 with revenue of $134.5-138.5mil vs. concensus of $140.7mil and EPS of $0.99  The stock is being sold off BMO due to that guidance boucing right off of the support area which I had defined earlier.  I’ve got to scratch my head when analysts forecast a 10% higher EPS amid a slow recovery [can only cut costs so much] but what can you do?  That’s why they’re called *anal*ysts.  If you bought at the 100d EMA as I had been recommending here, you could still exit the stock with $1 or so profit.  Me, I’m waiting for the conference call as I type to hit the sell button.  Depending on how that goes I may just sell 1/2 for a buck profit and holding the remaining with a stop below support.  If it breaks, I’ll end up at breakeven.  If it holds I’m still green; just a little less green than last week 😉


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