On Line Gaming – Growth For The Future

Chart virtual goodsIf you’re like me and you want to put something in a drawer for your kids, I’d say take a look closely at an on line China gamer like PWRD.  If my Father were alive I’m certain he’d be rolling his eyes, arms crossed shaking his head at this premise [he would fight wanting to learn computers at all] but there’s no denying that computers are here to stay.  Nor the fact that each day, more and more children and teens worldwide are on line practicing their spelling & math with fun animated characters or shooting their favorite computer-generated evil warlord. This is not to mention adults doing the same or playing a hand of Texas Hold ’em.  Yep, on-line gaming is here to stay  Computers aren’t for MS Word anymore.    

PWRD 11.05.09All that being said Iwas impressed to read this article from BusinessInsider.com outling the projected revenues in the sector.  While there’s a definite downside to the arena in terms of scams and spammers, we find con men in every step of life.  Just consider Doctors performing unnecessary surgery, TV envangelists conning folk to turn over their life savings or those miracle pills promising to help you lose weight without dieting.  It would then seem obvious as with any long-hold proposition, it’s buyer beware and perform your due diligence.  It would seem equally obvious, though, the long term potential in the sector favors a drawer position. Note:  fwiw PWRD is in a triangle on the Daily – set an alert for upside or downside break for a nice $10 swing trade 😉

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