Long Or Short

Life intervened again this weekend as my middle daughter came home college and I donned my Julia Child apron to cook & bake items for her to bring back and feed the hoards in her dorm.  I now smell like butter and flour. *augh*   How very Laura Petrie of me.

So it’s Sunday evening and everyone’s wondering how the market’s going to trade based on the healthcare bill but rather than argue, I say turn off your television.   Just remove the emotion and trade the charts in front of you.   fwiw tomorrow is a Bradley Model date which means we should see a break of direction one way or another.  I say thank God because this sideways action is boring me to death.  Here are the long & shorts I’m looking at tomorrow.   There are a million more out there; I’ve just been limited on time so I’m keeping it simple.  Just turn off the boob tube……….and trade the charts.

TRV 11.08.09

If the market is behaving bullish:  Long TRV on a breakout **if**it’s accompanied with increased volume.  Overhead targets & resistance marked.  Stop below Fridays low.

GS 11.08.09Long GS **if** it breaks above the trendline.  Stop below $171.   First target $178

BIDU 11.08.09I even like a long BIDU if I can get it near $400 as its back in its channel and accumulation is rising big time.

CNA 11.08.09If the market gaps up, fails and turns bearish:  Short CNA back to the gap

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