To Our Veterans

Memorial from a distanceThese, in no particular order, are shots taken from the Veterans Memorial Park near my home.  Unveiled in 2003, this is a on-going work in progress to honor those who have and do fight for freedom worldwide. 

Covering wars and political conflicts from WWI to Desert Storm, the bricks surrounding the park also outline historic dates in the strife for world peace.  From the Normandy invasion, falling of the Berlin Wall, Pulitzer Peace Price being awarded to Martin Luther King and much, much more.Desert-StormKangiKangi temple sculture explNurse and soldierNurse and soldier 2Sculpter explanationWar outlinesBrick paversBrick pavers 2Vietnam explFallen soldierGun and rubble 

Helicopter 2

To all of those who have served and currently serving AND to their families, weMemorial from a distance 2 deeply thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.Fallen soldier closeupAirplane tail

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