Ryders Rolling Down

*If* investors are taking profits on their riskier positions, I’d think anything in the shaky auto industry will be one of them.   Ryder [R] broke down out of symetrical triangle Friday on high-than-normal volume and now poses a low capital risk short opportunity.  While I will short this Monday morning for a one-three day swing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come back up and re-test that breakdown resistance; at which point I will add to my position.  Risk appetite and the uncertain mood of the market adds to the probablility of success in this type of trade.  While I have a box highlighted for a potential target, beware that it *could* bounce and reverse off its 200d EMA.   After all, the holidays are coming and Fund Managers aren’t selling yet since they came late to the [rally] party.  This increases the possibility of a Santa Claus rally so I would not be surprised to see buyers lingering there, a bounce and surge back higher to at least the 50% retracement level; possibly up to 61.8% before any major profit taking.

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