Heads Up On GDP

Be certain to have stops in place today ahead of tomorrows GDP release at 8:30am EST as this sucker can dramatically move a market.  GDP is the all-inclusive measure of economic activity and followed closely by investors to track the economy because it usually dictates how investments will perform.  It’s our most comprehensive economic scorecard.  The advance 3Q estimate came in at a very bullish 3.5% with the help of the cash-for-klunkers program however, analysts are now expecting a downward revision on that number which could really hurt the market since we’re near the top end of the trading range [many would say a downward revision is not “baked in”].  Concensus for GDP now stands at 2.8% [estimates range 2.5$ to 3.4%].  To understand why investors care about GDP, CLICK HERE.

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