The Retail Bubble Hath Burst

I can smell the downgrades being written as I type after sales numbers were released today from Black Friday and folks, it ain’t pretty.  A miniscule increase of 0.5% vs. 3.0% in 2008 and 8.3% in 2007.  OUCH!  If that’s not proof that while the Bernanke states the recession is over, the consumer is just now beginning to show just how cashstrapped his/she truly is.   Looking closer at the retail ETF, XRT, it has retraced over 61.8% from the ’07 high and is sitting pretty in a triangle.  Daring traders will just try to short it premarket on Monday while others [more prudent] will wait for a break below the triangle on higher volume before jumping in; thus increasing the volume selloff.  I just don’t see how any pundits or tv news personalities will be able to spin this in a Bullish manner, other than to say “it’ll improve by Christmas”.  Come on.  What a joke.  Here are six retailers that have already broken down or are near breaking.  The recession may be over for the banks but for the consumer, it’s down into the firey pit of unemployment Hell.  Let’s at least take the retailers down there with us.  Downgrade ’em…………..downgrade ’em now boys.

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