Now Boarding……

In an earlier post I highlighed Delta Airlines [DAL] for a swing trade with airlines benefiting from lower crude oil pricing.  Delta seems to be leading the pack however here are a few others for your consideration with their 50d now trading above the 200d; a better sign of health imho. When in doubt, check the airline index XAL [left] which would indicate to buy the next pullback.  Pundits also believe this is one of the areas we’ll see M&A activity going forward so adding one to your portfolio with lower crude prices wouldn’t be a bad decision.

Now I realize I just posted that above stating lower crude prices but there’s something just plain sexy about XOM and how broke out, formed a rising wedge, dropped, achieved its target from the wedge and is now sitting at its prior breakout point – testing that support.  Kizmet.  Its price target was just lowered to $79 and where is it now?  $68.  Hmmmmmmmm One week left in the year, right?

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