Farewell, Adios, Adieu ’09

One trading day remains in the year that saw “The rally off the March bottom” and to be honest, I find myself so relieved I could run screaming naked out the door and through the snow; buuuuuut since I have no desire to offend my poor neighbors [or spend a night in jail] I shall refrain.  I’m merely sick and tired of hearing the phrase every two minutes.  Come to think of it, I’m tired of a crappy USD.  I’m tired of Maria Bartiromo saying “imporent” on nationwide TV as if it didn’t contain another “t” in the word [how much is she paid anyway?].      I’m tired of bankers receiving unbelieveable bonuses which I will be paying for via higher taxes.  I could go on and on because I’m female [and damn good at ranting], but then it dawned on me I should be thankful for the good things that took place in ’09.

  • Ken Lewis left BAC
  • High frequency trading was addressed by the CFTC  [A huge at Tip to Zerohedge]
  • Gold broke $1000
  • Steve Jobs returned to AAPL
  • Gold broke $1200
  • The Kindle
  • Windows 7 release.   Not because I love the it but touchscreen technology [imho] will revitalize the semis going forward.
  • My middle daughter went off to college

I will resume posting after the New Year but I hope you all had a profitable year, learned a little more about the market than you knew before and I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2010.  

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