Ever want to have your own blog or website?  A place you could not only keep a trading diary, but talk LIVE with other traders, share knowledge,  join groups and Forums, post pictures, share videos………… know………..a playground just for traders, built by traders?   Welcome to is a new site [still in Beta] where you chat live with other traders and investors with a live chart right in front of you so you’re not missing any market action.

  • Members share trade ideas on a continual basis.  Stops and risk are clearly defined
  • Discuss different approaches and methods.  Learn new approaches
  • Form a Group.   Groups have their own private chat room which includes video capability
  • Each Member has his/her own “my page”.  A webpage with cutomizable backgrounds, layouts, colors, fonts, moveable columns, etc.
  • Insert your own apps/widgets from the millions found on the web
  • Bring a group of followers.  Public or private and paid access is available
  • Post to Twitter from your “My Page”
  • Begin a trading diary
  • Begin your own blog for your friends to monitor.
  • Insert photos, charts, links, etc and post it to Twitter as well
  • There’s no character limits in blogs, forums or groups
  • LIVE chat character limit is 250 vs. 140 for Twitter
  • New slideshow charts of StockBuz members recommended trades
  • Tweet Tracker
  • and more to come……

Contact me @ if you would like to receive an invitation to join us.   Update:  StockBuz is now open the public.  No invitation or subscription.  Come join us

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